Adamson ‘Joy’, Bally ’Joy’ (1910-1980) - Friederike "Fifi" Gessner was born wealthy, the daughter of a successful Austrian architect, and she was raised on the family's sprawling estate.  She studied art, dressmaking, and metal crafts, trained as a classical pianist but gave it up  and married Victor von Klarwill,  a Jewish Austrian businessman , he became worried about the rise of the Nazis and in 1937 sent his wife to Africa to find a suitable place for them to settle down. On the way there she met and married a botanist, Peter Bally who gave her a nickname ‘Joy’. Working with him she completed a comprehensive collection of about 500 East African wild plants. She was awarded the RHS Grenfell gold medal and later married for the third time.  George Adamson  and Joy became famous with for their conservation work with lions (Born Free), leopards and cheetahs. She was a dominating  woman who found human relationships difficult and after separating from George,  she was murdered by a servant.